Monday, July 6, 2009

Memorial Service Information

I thought I should post the memorial service information for my dad, in case some of you haven't been informed yet. Those of you who know my dad well are aware that he was full of life. Because of this, the memorial is being treated as a celebration of his life and energy. We respectfully ask that you avoid wearing all black, but you can dress as casually as you'd like. The service will be at 6:00 PM on Sunday, July 12th at the Coon Rapids Golf Course on Fairway #1. A meal will follow at the Country Club, where John Richardson and band will be playing music. If you wish to share memories about my dad, you will have an opportunity to stand at a mic and do so on Sunday. If you prefer to share with our family privately, you can e-mail me at or call our home phone. If any of you need our cell phone numbers so you can reach us, feel free to ask via e-mail. Directions can be provided for out of town friends and family if need be. Thanks for traveling on this journey with my dad and our family. We are so, so blessed.


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  1. I think the service you had for your dad was awsome and he would be so proud. You all did an awesome job, I am proud of all of you. Remind your mom I am only a few steps away if she needs anything, even just to listen, I know the lonely minutes and nite time hours. Did you notice the lone bird flying overhead during the service-he was watching and I felt his presence. Anita