Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18th

Today was a rough day for my dad. In order to make his breathing more comfortable, the doctors decided to do a tracheotomy on him. A tube in his trachea now helps him breathe, allowing the tube in his mouth to be removed. In order to reduce the risk of infection, he had a PICC line removed from his arm and a central line was put into his neck. For the first time in a week he had a temperature. His blood pressure was consistently high and he had blood in his stool. They will be performing a colonoscopy on Tuesday to assess the source of his bleeding, and have been giving him blood to keep up with the loss. Dad remains on dialysis, but the kidney team hopes to see further improvement in the future. His chest x-ray looked better today as well, though his numbers change daily as needed. On the positive side, he is no longer sedated and is able to respond through shaking his head and squeezing our hands. It is a relief that he can finally communicate his needs to both us and the hospital staff.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to set this up, Heidi. We will be sure to keep your dad and your whole family in our prayers, and we plan to tell his story next week at church so the whole congregation can keep you guys in their prayers. I guess I don't really know what all has happened since the transplant, so if you have the time can you recap what's been going since the end of February?

    Love you so much. Stay strong.

    Sheryl Beeman

  2. THANKS HEIDI! Your blog will really help us communicate to staff and students back here at CR-B! I wish there was some more positive news for Mike, your family.
    We're all thinking of you and praying for Mike. Stay positive, be strong, stay strong; better days ahead. Rich at CR-B

  3. Hello, I did some work on some guitar pickups for Mike before his transplant. He told me then about his ordeal and I have been fallowing you guys since then.

    Get better Mike.We're all puling for ya.

  4. Wow, Mike and family, you all have so much strenghth and fortitude....is it not amazing the love we have for our families and one another?....this will get you through these challenges....

    The Altmans

  5. You all know that our prayers are with you. Hippie sends his love to Mike--they have more fish to catch and more b.s. to share!!!!
    May God grant you peace and strength as you navigate this troubled water!!!

  6. Many, many prayers coming your way from the Halsteads!