Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22nd & Saturday, May 23rd

Since Friday and Saturday weren't particularly eventful days, I have decided to combine them into one post. Though Dad is being given the necessary nutrients and hydration through tube feedings, he continues to struggle with being hungry and thirsty. On Friday he didn't have a temperature, but a low-grade one appeared on Saturday. The respiratory team continues to peform breathing tests in which he is taken off the ventilator and breathes with an oxygen mask. On Saturday he was able to go almost 40 minutes while maintaining 100 percent oxygen saturations before becoming uncomfortable. Also, his kidney functions continue to progress without the use of dialysis. We discovered that he will continue to be on medication for the infection previously found in his bone for quite some time, possibly months.

Golf was his TV choice this weekend, and his daily reading choice...the local newspapers! We also took the past couple of days to catch him up on the story of his infection since he was asleep for most of it.

The physical therapy team helped him stand again on Friday, which is great for Dad. One of the nurses commented that he didn't seem like the type to sit, but rather a person full of energy who will be up and moving as soon as humanly possible. How true that is. It seems to me that my dad has struggled through enough years of sitting, when he is a man with plans and hobbies. I must take a moment to recognize the strength and endurance he has shown through all of this. Throughout my whole life, I have seen my dad as a strong and passionate man. However, until now I have never seen just how powerful his incredibly optimistic personality is. I look around and see all of the negative energy in this world. Then I see my dad, a man who has many things he could be bitter and angry about, including an almost 3 month hospital stay. Somehow he doesn't give in, and his positive energy radiates every single day. I'm so proud of him, and so proud to be his daughter.


  1. Heidi and family: I can't give you young adults enough credit on how you have held up and have written such good reports. I know your mom and dad are very proud. My husband and I saw Mike the day before all this fever business started. He was in such good spirits and hope he does get to feeling well. He is such a fighter. Your mom is a saint being by his side, and her disposition is remarkable. You are a great family and you are all in our prayers. Peg and Rick Hyndman

  2. Heidi and Jason,
    We don't know how much we learn from our parents when we are 'kids'. As we cross the threshold to maturity, and we deal with life's never-ending struggles, this becomes clear. Some of us have to mature earlier than others, and thank God for the role models that we have in our lives. Tell Fag that Hippie and I think of you all daily. See you soon.